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Every business owner has a nightmare story to tell about hiring.

Recruiting staff is difficult. Companies will spend weeks or months prospecting, collecting CVs, weeding out candidates, and finally inviting the best applications for an interview. After multiple interviews, the star candidate is chosen to join the team.

Three months…

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I love Google Ads.

Thanks to Google Ads, I have been able to grow my business and tap new markets. In 2014, I ran a small experiment in Google Search ads. That little experiment led me to get multiple 5-figure projects and put my contracting business on a growth trajectory.

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Last year, I rolled out a new digital product for a niche audience of contractors. First, I launched the product to my existing list of customers and subscribers. After getting some promising results, I decided to scale up and run Facebook Ads to acquire new customers.

From June to November…

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Rand Fishkin was the founder of Moz, a software used to help website owners improve their SEO rankings. He started out running a marketing agency helping companies improve their rankings on Google.

But he quickly realized that running a marketing agency was labor-intensive, and scaling such a company would be…

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Since 2015, I have been dabbling in the world of online courses. I launched my first course in a technical field catering to construction professionals. That was my key expertise at the time, and it was the one field where I felt I could provide massive value.

Secretly, I hoped…

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When Facebook video ads were first introduced, every guru and his mom preached that we should be doing Facebook video ads.

The reasoning was that Facebook was aggressively pushing them and giving us brand exposure at a very low cost.

I can agree with the above point. Facebook did push…

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I am sure that you have heard the saying that Cash is King. For a business, cash flow is its gasoline. Without cash, a business stops operating. And this is one of the reasons why you should be requesting advance payments from customers.

In this article, I want to explain…

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On September 7, 2021, Bitcoin will become legal tender in El Salvador.

Citizens of the country will be able to purchase goods and services in Bitcoin. Although not all businesses will be required to accept Bitcoin, the vast majority will adopt Bitcoin. This will mark an unprecedented experiment with Bitcoin.

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Every day we are bombarded with marketing gurus trying to sell us their latest course on Facebook ads. The ad usually shows some “happy” person living a comfortable lifestyle. …

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A few days ago, Debesh Choudhury posted a thought-provoking article about the fact that readers may be leaving Medium. I agree with his worries that many paying subscribers of Medium are not getting much value from the platform anymore.

I realized that were I not writing on Medium, I would…

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