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Since 2015, I have been dabbling in the world of online courses. I launched my first course in a technical field catering to construction professionals. That was my key expertise at the time, and it was the one field where I felt I could provide massive value.

Secretly, I hoped that this online business could become so big that it would replace my main contracting business. Sadly, despite the promises of online gurus promising me 6 figure glory, I have not reached that stage.

I have, however, made a respectable side income from my online course and have learned many…

Give us the tools to create better content

When I first signed up to write for Medium, I was shocked by the few stats that Medium provided its writers. I have been running a niche Youtube channel for six years, and I had been spoilt by the excellent analytics that Youtube gives its creators.

Youtube gives you a lot of data. Its structures its analytics in a fashion to encourage you to figure out what's working and keep on producing more of that content.

Medium, on the other hand, seems to be secretive. They give very little information on how much exposure your article got, how attractive your…

Build your systems first, and then determine the need for an app

For many years I fell victim to productivity porn. I was convinced that if I only had the right tool, the right app, the right software, my productivity would skyrocket.

All I needed was that tool to bring everything together, and I would be set off on my trajectory of greatness.

But after years of waffling about and trying to be more productive, I have come to realize that the vast majority of these tools are just fluff.

Yes, they are great tools that contain some impressive functionality. But that does not mean that they are necessary to thrive. …

You have probably worked with some of these types

We’ve all read the advice. You need to delegate more. You need to free up time to focus on the important stuff. Don’t waste your time doing $10 an hour of work. Whether you run your own business or manage a group of people, being an effective delegator is the key to being able to grow and be successful in your career.

And yet, I keep on coming across people who are horrible delegators. People who create more damage and create more work for everyone when they try to delegate. In this article, I have identified the five most common…

How Rand Fishkin changed the way I think about business

Rand Fishkin was the founder of Moz, a software used to help website owners improve their SEO rankings. He started out running a marketing agency helping companies improve their rankings on Google.

But he quickly realized that running a marketing agency was labor-intensive, and scaling such a company would be difficult. He had the idea to build a software product to help businesses improve their performance in search results.

When I ran into Rand Fishkin’s Lost and Founder, I was immediately hooked. …

One of the Most Misunderstood Business Books of all Time

Its been 14 years since Tim Ferriss released the “4-Hour Workweek.” A book that left a massive impact in the world of entrepreneurship. A book that gave hundreds of thousands of people permission to quit their 9–5 jobs and go their own way.

One of the biggest criticisms of this book has been that no one actually works just 4 hours a week. I feel the people making this criticism a) never read the book and b) have, therefore, entirely missed the point of this book.

Even Tim Ferriss has admitted that the book's title was the result of a…

Don’t get sucked into a vicious circle chasing sales for tiny profits.

The number 1 priority for every business should be to make money for its owners.

You must figure out how to make a profit first before you embark on grander goals. Making an impact, creating jobs, and giving back to your local community, can be important incentives, but these will be of no use if you cant make money.

If you are not interested in profits, then you should start a non-profit organization.

Unfortunately, many business owners focus so much on getting sales and ‘growth’ that they forget to look at profitability. …

How to acquire the mental space to deal with everyday pressure.

Every business owner knows that feeling of opening the laptop on a Monday morning and realizing that four emails and two phone calls need immediate attention. When the urgent stuff has been taken care of, new emergencies start popping up left and right.

By Monday afternoon, you are wondering how you will ever last the entire week at this pace.

So how do you deal with this overwhelm? Many pieces of advice have been written on this subject, ranging from meditation, getting more exercise, or improving your delegation skills. …

You will never get any work done on the beach

I remember when the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss came out in 2007. It is an excellent book that has significantly impacted my thinking and one of the few business books that I have read several times in the last decade.

The title of the book, however, can be misleading. Even Ferriss has admitted the book's title is the result of testing various titles on Google Ads and determining which headline would pull in the most clicks.

One of the unintended consequences of the catchy title is that it spurred an entire generation of douchy lifestyle entrepreneurs who sell this…

#1 Your top source of new business dries up

You have probably heard the expression that entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride. There are those great moments of fulfillment where you feel that everything is going your way.

But there are also those difficult times. Times when you will feel that you were hit by an oncoming train. Moments that will make you question your entrepreneurial journey and make you wonder if the struggle is worth it.

I had, in my 15 years of entrepreneurial life, experienced several of these dark moments. At the time, these experiences felt unrecoverable. I felt like quitting and throwing it all away. …

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